To see the Karafun song catalogue click here http://www.karafun.com/karaoke/

Have a great time singing all of your favorite karaoke songs from every era. 

Danceland DJs Karaoke hosts will play your favorite songs and introduce you to the audience.

A huge selection of karaoke music is available. We have catalogues organized by title and artist. 

We provide a large monitor for you to see the karaoke lyrics. A professional microphone is also supplied.

Whether you are an experienced singer, a beginner or just want to try it out, we will help you sound good.

If you have special karaoke requests prior to your party, let us know and we will be sure to have your songs.

Contact us and get ready to have some fun with karaoke!

Tips for singers

When requesting songs please write down the artist and title so we can get the version closest to the style you want to sing.

Hold the microphone close to your chin. This way, when you turn your head, the microphone will turn with you. Keep it just below your lips so you don't "pop" your "p's".

Try not to step in front of the speaker, you do not want your microphone to squeal (feedback).

Try to keep some eye contact with the audience. 

Most of all - Have fun!!!


We love our clients,

here's what they say about us:

“We had an awesome time, along with  great feedback that evening from our V.I.P.'s in attendance. That in itself was great to hear.  Everyone said what a really great time they had, especially with the " Name that Tune. Thanks again !”

Name That Tune & DJ for Staff Party